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Best Surfing Wetsuits for Women: Buyers’ Guide

Hey surf sisters! If you’re just getting into surfing, one of the most important pieces of gear you’ll need is a good wetsuit. As a lifelong surfer girl myself, I want to share my tips for finding the perfect wetsuit to keep you warm, comfortable and riding waves all season long.

What is a Surfing Wetsuit for Women?

A surfing wetsuit for women is designed with a contoured shape to fit a woman’s curves, with a shorter torso, longer legs, and strategic seam placement to avoid chafing and provide a better fit. They have additional insulation in key areas like the chest and thighs, are made with flexible neoprene with stretchier panels, and have durable knee pads for warmth and abrasion resistance. The goal is to provide a tailored wetsuit that maximizes comfort, flexibility, and warmth for female surfers. 

With the array of options on the market, choosing the right women’s surfing wetsuit can seem daunting. This buyers’ guide covers everything you need to know about finding the perfect surfing wetsuit for your needs and surf style. We’ll walk through key factors like warmth, flexibility, seam placement, and sizing to consider. We’ll also share our list of the best surfing wetsuits for women below.

1. O’Neill Women’s Epic Full Surfing Wetsuit

1. O’Neill Women’s Epic Full Surfing Wetsuit

The O’Neill Women’s Epic wetsuit delivers warmth, flexibility, and performance for surfing and water sports. Constructed with 4/3mm ultra stretch neoprene, this full wetsuit features FluidFlex Firewall chest and back panels for extra insulation against cold water. The back zipper closure enables easy on and off while sealing out water. Blind stitched and triple glued seams further enhance durability and water sealing. This imported wetsuit incorporates seamless paddle zones in the armpits for unrestricted mobility, Krypto knee pads for protection, and a double super seal neck to prevent flush. With its soft premium neoprene construction, Velcro closure system, and strategic seamless design, the O’Neill Women’s Epic suit provides excellent comfort, flexibility, and warmth for surfing, diving, paddle sports, and more.

  • Warm 4/3mm neoprene construction
  • Back zipper for easy on/off
  • Blind stitched, triple glued seams prevent water entry
  • Seamless panels allow mobility
  • Knee pads protect against abrasion
  • Back zip can let water in if not fully closed

2. O’Neill Women’s Reactor-2 Full Surfing Wetsuit

2. O’Neill Women’s Reactor-2 Full Surfing Wetsuit

Crafted from flexible ultra stretch neoprene, the O’Neill Women’s Reactor-2 Back Zip Full wetsuit delivers soft feel, flexibility, and performance. The back zip system enables easy on and off while providing a water resistant closure. Strategically placed seamless paddle zones with minimal seams optimize comfort and mobility. The 3/2mm neoprene thickness balances warmth and flexibility for use in a variety of water temperatures. Wind-resistant Smoothskin provides extra insulation and protection from the cold. With its combination of premium features, thoughtful design, and accessible price point, the O’Neill Women’s Reactor-2 is an ideal entry level wetsuit for surfing, diving, paddle sports, lake activities, and beach days.

  • Flexible ultra stretch neoprene provides superior comfort and mobility
  • Back zip system allows easy on/off
  • Seamless paddle zones minimize chafing
  • Wind-resistant Smoothskin insulation
  • Good value for money
  • 3/2mm thickness limits warmth in very cold water

3. Divmystery Full Surfing Wetsuit for Women

3. Divmystery Full Surfing Wetsuit for Women

Expertly crafted with high-quality neoprene, the Divmystery Women’s Wetsuit provides exceptional comfort and flexibility for female water sports enthusiasts. Featuring an improved front zipper design, this full-body 3/2mm wetsuit glides on easily and feels secure during wear. The super stretchy fabric, previously only used in professional suits, delivers unrestricted mobility to support various activities like surfing, diving, and kayaking. While competitive brands retail for higher prices, Divmystery leverages thoughtful material and component selection to engineer a professional-grade wetsuit at a more accessible cost.

  • Super stretchy fabric allows full mobility
  • Improved front zipper is easy to wear
  • Professional-grade quality at lower cost
  • 30-day free return and exchange policy
  • Readily available customer consulting
  • Sizing runs small, so ordering 1-2 sizes up is recommended

4. Rrtizan Full Surfing Wetsuit for Women

4. Rrtizan Full Surfing Wetsuit for Women

The Rrtizan Women’s 3mm wetsuit provides reliable cold water protection and comfort. Constructed with 90% neoprene and 10% nylon, this wetsuit features 3mm of neoprene insulation to retain body heat in water temperatures as low as 60°F. The nylon exterior is durable, flexible, and resists UV rays, while the interior lining is soft and warm against the skin. Additional padding on the knees and fish scale texture on the shoulders allow for ease of movement and less water resistance while swimming. Designed to fit the female form, this full-body suit includes an easy back zipper closure. To prolong the life of the wetsuit, rinse with mild detergent after use and allow to air dry.

  • Provides warmth in cold water with 3mm neoprene
  • Durable nylon exterior resists UV rays
  • Soft interior lining for comfort against skin
  • Knee padding and shoulder texture allow ease of movement
  • Back zipper for easy on/off
  • Hand wash and air dry only

5. Seavenger Odyssey Surfing Wetsuit for Women

5. Seavenger Odyssey Surfing Wetsuit for Women

The Seavenger 3mm Odyssey combines durability and flexibility in a full-body wetsuit perfect for surfing, diving, and snorkeling in 65°F+ waters. Super-stretch neoprene panels allow unrestricted mobility while flatlock stitching prevents chafing. Knee and shoulder pads withstand abrasion from surfboards and gear. The chest panel uses resilient sharkskin material to handle repeated contact with boards. Snug athletic fit hugs the body for warmth yet flexes for comfort. Back zipper with extra long leash enables quick donning, and YKK #10 zipper resists corrosion after repeated saltwater submersion. Stretch panels retain shape after repeated use, and anti-abrasion pads at key contact points prevent early deterioration.

  • Flexible neoprene material allows free range of motion
  • Flatlock stitching prevents chafing
  • Sharkskin chest panel resists abrasion
  • Athletic fit insulates body warmth
  • Easy back zipper for quick donning
  • Only suited for 65°F+ waters

6. Seaskin Women’s One Piece Surfing Wetsuit

6. Seaskin Women’s One Piece Surfing Wetsuit

The Seaskin Women’s 2mm One Piece Long Sleeves Shorty Wetsuit provides lightweight insulation for water sports and aerobics. Made from 2mm highly stretch neoprene, this form-fitting shorty wetsuit retains body heat while allowing flexibility. The front YKK zipper makes for easy on and off, and UV protection defends against irritants. This wetsuit is specially designed for the female form, with long sleeves and a short leg for optimal coverage and mobility. Handwash in cold water with mild detergent and lay flat to dry to maintain the neoprene material. When first unboxed, a harmless chemical odor may be present but will dissipate with airing out.

  • Lightweight 2mm neoprene retains body heat
  • Form-fitting design allows flexibility
  • UV protection and defense against irritants
  • Easy on/off with front YKK zipper
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Handwash only in cold water

7. Seaskin Full Surfing Wetsuit for Women

7. Seaskin Full Surfing Wetsuit for Women

Constructed using 3mm neoprene on the body and 2mm neoprene on arms and legs, the Seaskin Surfing Wetsuit maintains comfort in 20-28°C water. Super stretch jersey material on the outside glides smoothly while the inside is soft smoothskin. Features like the chest zip entry with interior water barrier, 80% rapid-dry lining, reinforced kneepads, and sealed cuffs optimize functionality. Glued, blind stitched and taped seams effectively minimize water intrusion and maximize warmth. With its highest quality 360° stretch limestone neoprene and 4-way stretch design, surfers stay flexible and agile.

  • Flexible neoprene construction
  • Chest zip entry seals out water
  • Reinforced kneepads for durability
  • Smoothskin interior for comfort
  • Keeps warm in cool water
  • Not ideal for very warm conditions

8. Roxy Women’s Surfing Wetsuit

8. Roxy Women’s Surfing Wetsuit

Expertly constructed with 88% recycled polyester and 12% elastane Stretchflightx2 neoprene, the Roxy Women’s 3/2 Syncro Back Zip GBS wetsuit provides exceptional flexibility and durability. Strategically-placed Warmflight thermal linings on the front chest panel and Smoothie thermal smoothskin on the back maximize warmth where it’s needed most. The GBS (glued blindstitched) seams are sealed with a liquid tape and double stitched for a tight seal that prevents water intrusion. A durable YKK #10 plastic back zipper allows for easy entry while maintaining a secure closure. With thoughtful design features like an attached keyloop and durable knee pads, this thoughtfully engineered wetsuit allows female surfers, divers, and water sports enthusiasts to comfortably explore the ocean year-round.

  • Warmflight thermal lining retains body heat
  • Flexible Stretchflightx2 neoprene allows ease of movement
  • GBS seams prevent water intrusion
  • Back zipper enables easy on/off
  • Knee pads provide durability
  • Only moderate warmth for colder water

9. Micosuza Women’s Shorty Wetsuit

9. Micosuza Women’s Shorty Wetsuit

Crafted with 1.5mm neoprene, the Micosuza Shorty Wetsuit provides moderate insulation for cool water activities. Its flatlock stitching delivers a flexible, streamlined fit to boost mobility, while the back-zip opening enables hassle-free wear. With excellent stretch and recovery, this form-fitting wetsuit reduces drag for efficient swims. The lightweight neoprene incorporates additional air cells to retain warmth and minimize water intake. Ideal for water aerobics and fitness, this wetsuit supplies UV protection and guards against irritants. Its long sleeves and high neck defend against chill. However, note the suit runs slightly large around the waist and hips.

  • Provides moderate warmth with 1.5mm neoprene
  • Flexible flatlock stiches enhance mobility
  • Back zipper allows easy on/off
  • Form-fitting to reduce drag
  • Lightweight with extra air cells for warmth
  • Runs large in waist and hips

10. PROTAURI Wetsuit for Women

10. PROTAURI Wetsuit for Women

The PROTAURI Women’s 3mm Wetsuit is designed to keep you warm in cold water with premium 3mm neoprene and a body-hugging fit. Following United States sizing standards, carefully measure your waist, hips, and chest to find the best size match from the chart. The stretchy neoprene contours to your body while the nylon fabric inner and outer layers provide durability. This full body wetsuit also provides UV protection when surfing or swimming at the beach. The stylish wave patterns accentuate your figure, available in dark blue/navy and light pink/purple.

  • Keeps you warm in cold water
  • Body-hugging fit and stretchy neoprene
  • UV protection when surfing or swimming
  • Stylish wave patterns flatter figure
  • Sizing runs small, carefully check chart

How to Choose The Best Surfing Wetsuits For Women?

As an female surfer, having the right wetsuit is crucial for comfort and performance in the water. The wide variety of options can make it overwhelming to pick the best one suited for your needs. Follow this guide to find your perfect match! 

Consider Your Surfing Style and Skill Level

Your wetsuit choice will depend heavily on how advanced you are as a surfer and what type of waves you’ll be riding.


If you’re just learning how to surf, opt for a full suit (covers arms and legs) with a thicker neoprene construction (4/3mm+). The extra coverage and warmth will help you stay comfortable while you master the basics. Stick to major brands that use quality materials.


More experienced surfers can look at spring suits (short sleeve) or steamers (long sleeve, no legs) with thinner neoprene (3/2mm). This allows for more flexibility and mobility on the board when surfing larger waves or doing tricks. Higher-end specialty brands like Rip Curl offer advanced suits.

Consider Climate and Water Temperature

Surfing during winter in cold water? You’ll want the thickest, most insulating wetsuit possible. Surfing in warmer climates? A thinner suit will suffice and be more comfortable when outside of the water. Check the water temps where you’ll be surfing and match the wetsuit thickness accordingly.

Find the Right Fit

An ill-fitting wetsuit will hinder your mobility and be very uncomfortable. When trying on suits, look for tight yet flexible fits around the shoulders, torso, legs, and wrists/ankles without any pinching or restricted movement. Most brands provide detailed size charts to help you find your ideal fit. Don’t be afraid to size up or down if needed.

Factor in Special Features

Higher end wetsuits offer special features for increased performance and comfort. Look for seam taping, stretchier panels, anti-flush linings, drainage holes, and lined wrist/ankle cuffs. Features like these will allow greater mobility and keep you warmer in the water.

Consider Your Budget

Surf wetsuits range from $100 to $500+ based on quality, features and specialty brands. Determine how much you’re willing to invest. Just starting out? An affordable suit from a trusted brand will do. But if cold water surfing is your passion, investing in a premium suit is worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking The Best Surfing Wetsuits For Women

Q: What thickness wetsuit should I get for surfing?

A: For surfing, a 3/2mm or 4/3mm wetsuit is usually best for most water temperatures. A 3/2mm provides warmth without overly restricting movement. A 4/3mm gives more warmth for colder water.

Q: What features should I look for in a women’s surfing wetsuit?

A: Look for stretch panels in key areas like the shoulders and underarms for mobility. An open back zipper design is also good for flexibility. Make sure the wetsuit has a snug fit but isn’t too tight. Also consider knee pads for protection and ankle seals to prevent flushing.

Q: How much do surfing wetsuits for women cost?

A: Expect to pay $100-$300 for a quality women’s surfing wetsuit. Higher end wetsuits from premium brands can cost up to $500. Price depends on features, materials, and thickness.

Q: Should my surfing wetsuit be tight or loose?

A: A surfing wetsuit should have a snug, compressive fit to your body. It shouldn’t pinch or restrict movement. The tight fit helps keep you warm by minimizing flushing. A loose wetsuit can fill with water and make you cold.

Q: How do I get in and out of a wetsuit easier?

A: Apply a thin coat of wetsuit lubricant on the inside before wearing. Fold the edges slightly while getting in. Point your toes and slowly work your limbs in bit by bit. Pull the material at the ankles and wrists to get a good seal. Remove slowly and avoid yanking.

Q: How do I clean and care for my surfing wetsuit?

A: Rinse inside and out with freshwater after each use. Hang to dry completely. Periodically scrub the exterior with a wetsuit cleaner and sponge. Store flat or on a wetsuit hanger to prevent stretching. Avoid direct sunlight. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect wetsuit takes some trial and error, but following this guide will set you up for success. Focus on fit, warmth and mobility to stay comfortable and keep charging those waves all season long! Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m always happy to share tips with fellow female surfers.

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