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What Are the Best Cooling Vests in 2024?

With summer heat waves on the rise, cooling vests have become an essential item for many people who work or play outdoors. These innovative garments allow you to beat the heat by keeping your core body temperature down through evaporation and phase change material technology. In this buyers’ guide, we’ll review some of the top-rated cooling vests on the market based on comfort, effectiveness, and value. We’ll cover vests that use ice packs, water, and other materials to provide reliable cooling even during intense physical activity. Read on to discover the best cooling vests that will keep you chill and safe in hot weather this summer.

List of the Best Cooling Vests:

1. Glacier Tek Cool Vest

1. Glacier Tek Cool Vest

The Glacier Tek Cool Vest provides up to 2.5 hours of cooling relief in extreme heat thanks to its set of eight PureTemp ice packs. Weighing just under 5 pounds, this lightweight cooling vest features a durable nylon shell and adjustable side straps for a customized, secure fit. The vest’s cooling packs lower skin temperature to a comfortable 59°F when fully charged in ice water or the freezer.

Made in the USA, the vest contains non-toxic phase change material allowing for consistent cooling across thousands of freeze-thaw cycles. The included mesh bag enables easy transport and freezing. Ideal for athletes, outdoor workers, and anyone needing protection from heat exhaustion, the vest excels at wicking away sweat to keep you focused and energized. With thoughtful design touches like a heavy-duty front zipper and over-the-shoulder adjustability, the Glacier Tek vest balances effective spot cooling with ergonomic comfort.

Pros And Cons


  • Provides up to 2.5 hour cooling effect
  • Lightweight and adjustable secure fit
  • Non-toxic cooling packs recharge quickly
  • Mesh bag for easy transport and freezing
  • Ideal for athletes and outdoor workers


  • Cooling diminishes over time

2. Alphacool Arctic Cooling Ice Vest

2. Alphacool Arctic Cooling Ice Vest

The Alphacool Arctic Cooling Ice Vest delivers customizable cooling relief using self-filling ice packs. Weighing under 5 pounds, this lightweight vest features four large interior pockets to position ice packs against the body for maximum heat reduction. Its adjustable design accommodates different body types while the sleeveless style allows unrestricted arm movement. Fill the included 20 reusable ice packs with your desired amount of water to control the cooling intensity.

The vest’s thin yet durable nylon shell transfers the ice packs’ chill while remaining breathable when worn. Ideal for warm weather activities and work environments, the vest excels at combating heat exhaustion via effective moisture wicking. The ice packs provide a consistent cooling effect for hours of heat stress protection. With its easy to use self-filling packs, customizable cooling levels, and adjustable secure fit, the Alphacool vest enables all-day comfort even in extreme temperatures.

Pros And Cons


  • Self-filling ice packs for customizable cooling
  • Lightweight and breathable nylon material
  • Adjustable for secure fit on different body sizes
  • Provides consistent cooling relief for hours
  • Includes 20 reusable ice packs


  • Can feel bulky with full ice packs

3. Coldest Cooling Vest

3. Coldest Cooling Vest

The Coldest Cooling Vest provides up to 8 hours of relief from scorching heat using its six reusable ice pack pockets. Weighing under 2 pounds, this ultra-lightweight vest features breathable fabric and mesh side panels for optimal airflow. The vest’s strategic ice pack placement targets high sweat areas to lower skin temperature while wicking away moisture. Fully adjustable straps allow a customizable, secure fit. The front zipper enables easy on/off and quick access to ice pockets.

Ideal for athletes, outdoor workers, and active lifestyles, the vest excels at combating heat exhaustion during intense activity. Its unrestricted mobility design keeps you cool without limiting movement. With its long-lasting cooling capacity, adjustable ergonomic fit, and lightweight breathable fabric, the Coldest vest enables all-day comfort for peak performance in brutal heat.

Pros And Cons


  • Provides up to 8 hours of cooling power
  • Ultra lightweight and adjustable secure fit
  • Breathable fabric and mesh for ventilation
  • Easy access zipper and ice pack pockets
  • Unrestricted mobility design


  • Initial chill from ice packs can be intense

4. FlexiFreeze Professional Series Ice Vest

4. FlexiFreeze Professional Series Ice Vest

The FlexiFreeze Professional Series Ice Vest provides customizable cooling using 96 pure water ice cubes. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, this lightweight vest features ripstop fabric and neoprene construction for durability. Dual front pockets and four-way adjustability accommodate a wide range of body types for a secure, comfortable fit. The vest’s large ice panel capacity enables sustained cooling relief by directly contacting the skin to reduce surface temperature. The non-toxic cooling method keeps clothes dry while working in high humidity environments.

Ideal for heat-sensitive medical conditions, outdoor occupations, and activities in warm weather, the vest excels at protecting against heat exhaustion and sun exposure. With its versatility to provide rapid spot cooling to the torso, arms, and neck region using pure water ice, the FlexiFreeze vest enables safe, effective temperature regulation for extended durations.

Pros And Cons


  • Pure water ice provides effective cooling
  • Lightweight ripstop and neoprene construction
  • Front pockets and adjustable design
  • Non-toxic with humidity resistance
  • Sustained cooling relief for hours


  • Hand wash and air dry requirements

5. FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Ice Vest

5. FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Ice Vest

The FlexiFreeze Ice Vest delivers up to 1.5 hours of cooling relief using 96 pure water ice cubes. Weighing just 3.5 pounds, this lightweight vest features durable ripstop fabric and neoprene material for maximum comfort. Velcro closures and four-way adjustability provide a secure, custom fit for body sizes XS to 6XL. The vest’s large ice capacity conducts heat away from the core and torso for rapid cooling. The non-toxic method keeps clothing dry even in humid conditions.

Ideal for heat sensitivity issues, warm work environments, and outdoor activities, the vest protects against heat stress and sun exposure. Panels can be quickly swapped out for fresh ice as needed, enabling sustained cooling. With its easy Velcro design, pure water ice power, and adjustable secure construction, the FlexiFreeze vest enables safe, effective temperature regulation on demand.

Pros And Cons


  • Pure water ice provides rapid cooling
  • Lightweight ripstop and neoprene materials
  • Velcro closures for easy on/off
  • Non-toxic with humidity resistance
  • Swappable ice panels for sustained cooling


  • Can feel bulky with full ice load

6. Ergodyne Chill-Its 6685 Evaporative Cooling Vest

6. Ergodyne Chill-Its 6685 Evaporative Cooling Vest

The Ergodyne Chill-Its 6685 Evaporative Cooling Vest is designed to ensure maximum comfort and performance in hot environments. Made from a durable blend of 50% Polyester Jersey and 50% PU, this vest is imported and built to last. The patented dry technology guarantees that the wearer remains dry and comfortable throughout the evaporative cooling process. This technology is particularly effective, offering up to three days of cooling power, which helps in maintaining a healthy body temperature even in extreme conditions.

The vest is easy to activate; simply fill it with 13oz to 20oz (400ml to 600ml) of water, and it starts working instantly. Despite its robust construction, the vest is lightweight, made from industrial-grade quality nylon, ensuring durability without compromising on comfort. Additionally, mesh side-panels provide extra ventilation and stretch, enhancing the overall breathability and fit of the vest.

Pros And Cons


  • Keeps the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • Long-lasting cooling effect.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Enhanced ventilation for breathability.


  • Limited to 3 days of cooling power.

7. Men’s Hyperkewl Cooling Sport Vest

7. Men's Hyperkewl Cooling Sport Vest

The Men’s Hyperkewl Cooling Sport Vest is an exceptional choice for maintaining comfort in hot weather conditions. Manufactured in the USA or imported, this vest combines durability with advanced cooling technology. The outer fabric is made from a comfortable quilted nylon embedded with HyperKewl Polymer, providing efficient cooling relief. The vest offers 5-10 hours of cooling per soaking, ensuring extended comfort during outdoor activities.

Featuring a V-neck design with a zipper closure, the vest is easy to wear and provides a snug fit. The water-repellent nylon liner and black polyester trim add to its durability and performance. Customers have praised the vest for its ability to keep them cool up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, though its effectiveness diminishes in higher humidity conditions.

The vest is hand wash only, ensuring longevity with proper care. Available in blue or silver, it offers a stylish and functional solution for staying cool. While users value the quality and effectiveness of the vest, opinions vary regarding its moisture level, fit, weight, and length.

Pros And Cons


  • Highly durable and easy to use.
  • Effective cooling up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Comfortable fit with quilted nylon outer.
  • Water-repellent liner.
  • Made in the USA or imported.


  • Less effective in higher humidity.

8. Fly Racing Adult Cooling Vest

8. Fly Racing Adult Cooling Vest

The Fly Racing Adult Cooling Vest is engineered to provide superior cooling comfort for extended periods. Made with polymer-embedded fabric, this vest effectively holds water and maintains hydration for several hours. The advanced HYPERKEWL PLUS evaporative cooling system ensures optimal cooling even during the hottest summer rides. It requires only two minutes of soaking in water to activate, making it exceptionally convenient for quick use.

This cooling vest outperforms competitors by offering an increased evaporative surface area, ensuring that users stay cooler for longer. The vest is also machine washable, adding to its ease of maintenance and longevity. Its durable construction and efficient cooling capabilities make it a valuable addition to any rider’s gear.

The vest’s quick activation time and long-lasting cooling effect have garnered positive feedback from users. Additionally, the Fly Racing Adult Cooling Vest is designed to meet the demands of rigorous outdoor activities while providing unmatched comfort and convenience. Its ability to maintain hydration and provide consistent cooling sets it apart in the market.

Pros And Cons


  • Long-lasting hydration for several hours.
  • Quick and easy activation.
  • Superior cooling performance.
  • Convenient machine washability.
  • Durable and effective for high-temperature conditions.


  • Requires water for activation.

9. Ice Vest Adjustable Cooling Vest with Ice Packs

9. Ice Vest Adjustable Cooling Vest with Ice Packs

The AlphaCool Arctic Ice Vest with Ice Packs is an innovative solution designed to combat heat stress during various activities. This cooling vest is suitable for both men and women, offering an adjustable fit that caters to a wide range of sizes. Made with a 4-pocket design, it features two large pockets on the chest and two on the back, ensuring the ice packs are kept close to the body for maximum cooling efficiency.

The vest includes 20 water-based ice packs, allowing users to customize their cooling experience by adjusting the amount of water in the packs. This versatility ensures that users can tailor the level of cooling to their specific needs. The ice vest can be worn over clothing or discreetly underneath, providing flexibility in different situations.

The adjustable straps and zipper-pull front make the vest easy to put on and secure. The insulated pack pockets are discreetly sewn into the vest, keeping the ice packs safely in place while in use. Ideal for outdoor activities and high-temperature working conditions, this ice vest ensures users stay cool and comfortable, maximizing performance and safety.

Pros And Con


  • Effectively combats heat stress.
  • Adjustable and customizable for individual cooling needs.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Easy to put on and secure.
  • Comes with 20 replacement ice packs.


  • Requires water for ice packs.

10. TechNiche International Women’s Deluxe Sport Vest

10. TechNiche International Women's Deluxe Sport Vest

The TechNiche International Women’s Deluxe Sport Vest is a top-tier solution for managing heat stress, offering 5 to 10 hours of cooling relief per soaking. Designed specifically for women, this vest combines functionality with style. The fitted front seams and gathered waist provide a tailored fit, while the high mandarin collar offers additional cooling relief and sun protection. Constructed with a lightweight quilted nylon outer and a HyperKewl inner, it ensures comfort and durability.

The vest’s evaporative cooling technology works by combining water with the HyperKewl fabric, which gradually releases water through evaporation, keeping the wearer cool yet comfortable. Ideal for outdoor activities like horseback riding and biking, it features handy front pockets with zipper closures. The inner lining is water-repellent, adding to the vest’s longevity and practicality.

Overall, customers appreciate the cooling relief provided by this vest, finding it a valuable investment. However, opinions on fit, functionality, and weight vary among users. Its lightweight and comfortable design make it a popular choice for women seeking effective cooling solutions in hot weather.

Pros And Con


  • Long-lasting cooling effect.
  • Tailored fit specifically for women.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Additional sun protection with a high collar.
  • Convenient front pockets for storage.


  • Requires soaking for activation.

How to Choose the Best Cooling Vest?

Working or playing in the summer heat can really take it out of you. But with the right cooling vest, you can stay comfortable and beat the heat all season long. This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know to find your perfect vest match.

1. What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Cooling Vest?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, let’s first go over why a cooling vest is worth the investment. The main perks include:

  • Temperature regulation – Vests lower your skin temperature using cooling packs, ice, water, or evaporative materials. This cooling effect provides relief from heat exhaustion.
  • Sweat reduction – By keeping your core cooler, cooling vests reduce excessive sweating so you stay drier and cooler.
  • Increased stamina – With a lower body temperature, cooling vests allow you to work and play longer without overheating.
  • Sharper focus – Staying cool means you avoid heat-induced fatigue so you can remain mentally sharp.
  • Health protection – Vests help prevent heat stress injuries like heat stroke in extreme temperatures.

For anyone working long hours outdoors in the summer or being active in the heat, a cooling vest can be a real game-changer!

2. Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cooling Vest

With different styles and cooling methods available, it’s important to assess your needs and priorities to zero in on the right vest choice. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

  • Cooling power – The vest’s ability to lower your skin temperature is crucial. Consider the cooling duration and temperature reduction capacity.
  • Coverage area – Vests come in vests, tank tops and belts cooling just your torso or full coverage for whole upper body cooling.
  • Portability – The lighter and more packable the vest, the easier it is to take anywhere.
  • Convenience – Look for quick absorption, easy cleaning and maintenance for hassle-free use.
  • Durability – Opt for vests made of rugged, abrasion-resistant material to handle frequent wear.
  • Breathability – Meshes like polyester blends offer superior ventilation and moisture wicking.
  • Adjustability – Vests with adjustable straps provide a customized, comfortable fit.
  • Budget – Prices range widely from $30 to $200+ depending on materials and technology.

With your priorities and needs in mind, the next step is to consider which vest style suits you best. The main types include:

  • Evaporative vests – Made of hydro-cooling fabrics that use evaporation to lower your temperature. Great for general cooling needs both indoors and outdoors.
  • Phase change vests – Packs contain crystals or gels that absorb heat as they melt. Ideal for high intensity activities causing heavy sweating.
  • Ice pack vests – Removable ice packs slide into pouches throughout the vest. Provides rapid spot cooling with easy pack switching.
  • Circulating water vests – Pumps chilled water through tubes lining the vest. Offers consistent, adjustable cooling power. Perfect for extremely hot and humid environments.
  • Cooling accessories – Cooling neck wraps, wrist cuffs, and hard hat liners for cooling specific body parts. Great for supplementing a vest.

4. Caring for Your Cooling Vest Properly

To get the most out of your cooling vest long-term, be sure to follow proper care and maintenance steps:

  • Read the label – Follow all the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions specific to the vest fabric.
  • Rinse thoroughly after use – Use cool water to remove any soap residue after washing.
  • Air dry completely – Never store a vest that’s still wet to avoid mold and mildew.
  • Replace cooling packs – Swap out damaged ice or gel packs that are punctured or leaking.
  • Check tubing – Inspect circulating vest hoses for cracks and kinks obstructing flow.
  • Remove battery – Take batteries out of electronic vests when not in use for longest battery life.
  • Inspect for damage – Check for leaks, tears or loose seams needing repair.

With the right cooling vest, you can tackle the heat head-on and stay comfortable all summer. Follow this advice to find the ideal vest to meet your needs and budget. Stay cool out there!

What Do Cooling Vests Do?

Cooling vests are garments designed to help reduce your body temperature and provide relief from heat stress. They work by wicking moisture and sweat away from your body while circulating cool air next to your skin.

The main purpose of cooling vests is to prevent overheating and allow you to remain active, focused and productive in hot environments. They are commonly worn under clothing but can also be worn over a t-shirt or other base layer.

Cooling vests lower your skin temperature by a few degrees through evaporation. As your sweat evaporates through the vest’s material, it draws heat away from your body. This evaporation has a chill effect that makes you feel cooler than you would wearing regular clothing.

In addition to evaporation, some cooling vests contain special gels, crystals or ice packs that aid the cooling process. Phase change material vests absorb heat as the packs melt. This provides a cooling effect as the heat is drawn away from your body.

Other vests circulate chilled water or refrigerant fluid through tubes in the vest. This Constant flow of coolant regulates your temperature and provides consistent cooling over time.

The cooling effect helps reduce sweating and minimize heat exhaustion or heat stroke in warm working conditions. This makes cooling vests useful for outdoor workers, athletes, military personnel and others exposed to high temperatures.

By keeping your body cooler, cooling vests allow you to remain energized and focused. They are an effective way to prevent losses in productivity and risks to health and safety when working in heat. The cooling relief can help you get through long days of physical activity outdoors.

What Features Should You Look for in a Cooling Vest?

When shopping for a cooling vest, there are several key features to consider based on your needs:

Material – The vest material affects breathability, cooling efficiency and durability. Lightweight mesh or polyester blends offer ventilation and moisture-wicking. For wet cooling vests, nylon and neoprene provide waterproofing.

Cooling Method – Vests use ice packs, phase change materials, gel packs or circulating water/coolant to provide cooling relief. Select a method that fits your environment and required cooling duration.

Adjustability – Look for adjustable straps and side panels to get a snug, customized fit. Tight fitting vests have better contact with your skin for cooling.

Coverage Area – Vests come in different styles from full coverage to vests cooling just your core or back. Choose coverage based on which body areas you want to keep coolest.

Cooling Power – Check the temperature reduction capacity and cooling duration to ensure the vest can adequately meet your cooling needs.

Power Options – For powered vests, consider battery life, recharge time, batteryreplacement costs and power efficiency.

Convenience – Pick a vest that is easy to put on, activate cooling, and clean and care for. Quick absorbent drying is ideal for frequent use.

Portability – Lightweight and packable vests allow easy transport to your activity location.

Added Features – Some vests include pockets, stretch fabric, UPF sun protection and adjustable straps for customized fit.

Price – Cooling vest prices span from $30 to $200+ depending on vest technology and materials. Set a budget allowing for your frequency of use.

The best cooling vest balances efficient cooling performance with durable construction and ergonomic comfort. Try on different styles to ensure a good fit for your body type before purchasing.

How Should You Care for and Maintain Cooling Vests?

Proper care and maintenance are important to extend the lifespan of your cooling vest and ensure optimal cooling performance. Here are some tips:

Read the care instructions – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, storage and care of your specific vest. Methods vary for different vest materials.

Clean regularly – Use a mild detergent and cool water to wash the outer vest after each use. This removes dirt, odors and bacteria.

Rinse thoroughly – Make sure to rinse off all soap residue which can damage material fibers or clog the vest.

Air dry completely – Hang the vest to fully air dry before storing or reusing. Putting away while damp can breed mildew and bacteria.

Replace gel packs – For gel pack vests, refrigerate packs after each use. Replace packs once they become damaged or no longer hold cold temperatures.

Check tubing – Inspect circulating vests for cracks in tubing. Kinks can obstruct the flow of cooling liquid. Replace damaged tubes.

Remove battery – Take out the battery from powered vests when not in use to protect battery life. Store batteries properly.

Avoid harsh chemicals – Don’t use bleach or fabric softeners which can degrade vest materials over time.

Check for wear – Inspect for loose seams or damage to the vest fabric. Make repairs as needed to avoid malfunction.

Proper storage – Fold the vest neatly and keep it in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight when not in use.

Regular care makes sure your cooling vest remains odor-free, hygienic and ready to provide reliable cooling any time you need relief from heat. Always consult the product manual for the vest manufacturer’s specific care guidelines.

What Safety Tips Should You Follow When Using Cooling Vests?

Cooling vests can provide welcome relief from heat, but they also require some safety precautions:

Monitor duration of use – Don’t wear a cooling vest nonstop for more than 2 hours. Taking breaks prevents overcooling your body.

Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water while wearing the vest to stay hydrated and support the vest’s cooling effects. Dehydration worsens overheating risks.

Avoid direct skin contact – Wear a t-shirt or thin layer under the vest to prevent irritation from direct contact with your skin.

Check for leaks – Inspect water-based vests for leaks which can lead to discomfort and malfunction. Stop using a leaking vest.

Watch for allergies – Discontinue use if you experience skin reactions like rashes which may indicate allergies to vest materials.

Be aware of power sources – Don’t use battery-powered vests near flammable materials or in explosive environments.

Follow electrical safety – Don’t tamper with electrical components. Make sure hands are dry before adjusting controls.

Inspect for damage – Don’t use a vest with damaged or faulty components that may pose safety hazards.

Use proper fit – Adjust vest for a secure fit to optimize cooling effects and range of motion.

Remove during rest – Take the vest off when sitting or resting to avoid prolonged cooling.

By following basic precautions, cooling vests can significantly improve comfort and safety for activities in the heat. Stop using a vest immediately if you experience any pain, discomfort or malfunction. Consult a doctor for guidance using cooling vests with medical conditions.

FAQs when picking the best cooling vest

What are the main benefits of wearing a cooling vest?

Cooling vests help regulate your body temperature to prevent overheating. Benefits include increased thermal comfort, reduced sweating, improved stamina and focus, and protection against heat stress illnesses. Cooling vests allow you to remain active in hot outdoor conditions.

How exactly do cooling vests work to lower body temperature?

Cooling vests use methods like evaporative cooling fabrics, ice packs, phase change materials, and circulating chilled water/coolant to draw heat away from your body through conduction or evaporation. This cooling effect lowers your skin temperature.

What types of activities are cooling vests useful for?

Cooling vests are great for outdoor sports, warm weather work environments, military and first responder use, heat therapy, and for anyone exposed to high temperatures. They help maintain performance and prevent heat injuries.

What features should I look for when choosing a cooling vest?

Key features include cooling power, coverage area, breathability, adjustability, convenience, durability, and budget. Compare vest types and materials to your priorities like rapid cooling, lightweight portability, or extended cooling duration.

What are the different types of cooling vests?

Common vest types are evaporative vests, ice pack vests, phase change vests, circulating liquid vests, and cooling accessories like neck wraps. Each uses different technology best suited for certain needs.

How long can I safely wear a cooling vest?

It’s recommended to wear a cooling vest for no more than 2 consecutive hours before taking a break. Stay hydrated and listen to your body. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy, nauseous or unwell while wearing it.

What’s the best way to care for and maintain my cooling vest?

Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. In general, rinse with cool water after use, air dry fully, replace cooling packs as needed, inspect for leaks/damage, and store properly when not in use.

How do I get the right fit with my cooling vest?

Look for vests with adjustable straps and side panels so you can customize the fit. It should feel snug but not restrictive. Ensure proper coverage of your torso or other areas needing cooling.

How much do high quality cooling vests cost?

Prices range widely from $30 to $200+. More expensive vests usually have greater cooling power and durability. Consider how frequently you will use the vest when setting your budget.

What safety precautions should I follow when using a cooling vest?

Use for only recommended durations before taking a break, stay hydrated, avoid direct skin contact, inspect for leaks and damage, follow electrical safety guidelines, and stop use if you feel pain or discomfort.

Final Thoughts

With sweltering summer temperatures on the horizon, a high quality cooling vest can be a real lifesaver for anyone spending long hours laboring or playing in the heat. By keeping your body temperate at safe and comfortable levels, cooling vests allow you to power through your day with energy to spare. Whether you choose an evaporative vest for breathability, a phase change style for intense activities, or a circulating vest for all-day cooling, following this guide will ensure you find the perfect solution tailored for your needs. Get ready to feel the difference and take on the heat in comfort. Invest in a cooling vest this summer so you can keep your cool when temperatures rise.

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